I am a passionate journalist, and communication and education specialist.

I am originally from Venice, Italy, but I have been living in Helsinki for over 8 years. And I often help as a fixer for different projects.

I have a degree in communication, one in social services and I am currently a master's student in Changing Education at the University of Helsinki. 

I have a strong interest in culture and learning. I have a positive attitude and I enjoy teamwork and networking. I am conversationally fluent in English, Italian, and Finnish. My proficiencies in social services, speaking in public, education, photography, and creative writing, expand the diversity of my portfolio.

My topics are focused on:

- intimate partner violence
- Women´s rights 
- tech
- social art 
- community work
- mental health 
- education 

Feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate with me! 

Love & Anarchy is about to begin - An interview with the artistic director Pekka Lanerva

It's almost that time of the year in Helsinki when the most passionate cinema enthusiasts eagerly await the . This 10-day event, from September 14th to 24th, will feature over 150 films and short films. However, the Helsinki International Film Festival isn't just about films; it also includes panel discussions, side events, and some afterparties. Interview with the artistic director Pekka Lanerva.

Exploring Santa Village in Summer

One of the top destinations for most tourists visiting Finland, Santa Claus Village near the city of Rovaniemi in the Finnish Lapland, is a famous stop for families, young people, and people of all ages to experience the magic of Christmas and meet Santa Claus himself during the winter. However, what happens during the summer in this location and the city of Rovaniemi? What are the main activities that visitors can enjoy? Is it still worth visiting the village?

The 32nd Helsinki International Film festival: "57000 visitors, 160 feature films and 191 short films". My experience and opinion

Helsinki International Film Festival “Love&Anarchy” is the most popular cinema festival in Helsinki. It lasts around 10 days. It offers different movies from all around the world, giving the biggest focus on nowadays society through filming. Most of the movies have English subtitles. They also organize forum discussions and interview with the guests. The idea is also to gather Finnish and non-Finnish people based in Finland and to share some cinema culture from all around the world.

HELSINKI DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL 2019: "I don't hold a weapon, I only carry a camera. That´s a kind of weapon, or at least, that's what I think"

DocPoint 2019, The Documentary Film Festival in Helsinki started on Monday, January 28, and ended on February 3. The event began through an inauguration party in Bio Rex Cinema with the documentary Gods of Molenbeek by Reetta Huhtanen. The film talks about two young children’s lives in the Molenbeek area, a suburb of Brussels famous for being a nest of Islamic terrorism.

Amos Rex: the new museum in Helsinki. The first exhibition by teamLab: over 150 thousand visitors

It was an early morning of November when we had a chance to visit the Helsinki based now popular museum Amos Rex in the hearth of the capital of Finland. We were tremendously intrigued to check it out.  Every day we could observe a long line of visitors facing the cold weather waiting with patience their time to buy their ticket. We were two of us, and, along with the visit to the museum, we had the opportunity to interview the Exhibition Assistant, Anastasia Isakova.

Time travel with Ippolito Caffi at The Sinebrychoff Art Museum

"The painter Ippolito Caffi, born in Belluno, Venetian by adoption, decided to capture some important events through the veduta technique, along an impeccable perfection of the use of perspective, a surreal portrayal of lights which give gives everyone the feeling to immerse in the past at the only encountering with his paintings. He has succeeded in eternalizing the magnificent moments that happened both in Italy and in some other cities such as Istanbul, Athens, Cairo. Sinebrychoffin Art Museum in Helsinki is hosting, until May 27, some of his works, from the collection of Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia . Ca' Pesaro - Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna "

My First Feminist Festival Experience in Russia // La mia prima esperienza ad un festival femminista in Russia

In italiano a seguire. Рёбра Евы / Eve's Ribs organized a Feminist Festival in Saint Petersburg at the end of September 2017. “One woman out of three in the world is a victim of sexual and/or domestic violence. Last year, President Vladimir Putin approves legal changes that decriminalize some domestic violence. I think what Eve’s Ribs proposed was an excellent initiative that should be organized and spread globally. Through art, we can change the world, educate people, and inspire people around us to become stronger believers in justice. “ Рёбра Евы / Eve's Ribs ha organizzato lo scorso settembre un festival femminista a San Pietroburgo. “Nel mondo una donna su tre è vittima di violenza sessuale e/o domestiche. In Russia, nel 2017, il presidente Vladimir Putin ha cambiato la legge dove decriminalizza alcune violenze domestiche. Credo che quello che Eve´s Ribs ha proposto è stata un´ottima iniziativa che necessita di maggiore divulgazione. Attraverso l´arte possiamo cambiare il mondo, possiamo informare, possiamo rendere migliore chi ci sta intorno.”

Multicultural Finland Independence Day #Mippi100: It would have been a memorable event if../ Sarebbe stato un evento indimenticabile se non..

On last December 6, Finland celebrated its 100 years of Independence. Many monuments in Helsinki and around the world were lit up in blue to commemorate the Scandinavian state. There were many events,  parties and dinners in the Finnish towns. Finnish citizens, residents, and tourists had a different light in their eyes. It was a warm day of festivity, with a predominant use of the blue and white colours, in tribute to the Finnish flag. In addition, the snow finally decided to arrive.
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